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Leona Boudin is a descendant of a historical gold rush family who first entered into business in San Francisco in 1849. Growing up in the city by the bay, she has been constantly influenced by the trends and fashions created by San Francisco’s history and special savoir faire.

As a child I remember the heart of my home was in the kitchen amongst the beautiful women who reigned there. Art, music, food, books and family were part of my every day life experience, including the rather aggressive Orchid competition between my grandparents, held each year at the Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. The ever changing exhibits at the World Class museums, Rudolf Nureyeve and Margot Fonteyn hiding on a rooftop, Opera, Theatre, everyone so svelte and sophisticated, The Black and White Ball, Opening Night…

An uncle who owned a nightclub known as The Curtain Call, across the street from the American Conservatory Theatre on Geary Street, started the influence of acting and costumes on me at a tender age.

After studying art and jewelry processes for many years, I have settled into making my pieces from found items mixed with moments of the mystical muse striking objects into collusion with each other - thus magic.

So welcome to my store and please feel free to browse. Smiles across the wires.



2,000 year old Roman Glass worked with foil
beads and Ametrine. Byzantine silver clasp.